5 Reasons Why King of Kings Is The Best

5 Reasons Why King of Kings Is The Best

We have been working hard over the years to master the gyro, but that isn’t the only thing we do right. We strive to offer the best service, convenience and above all else a dinning experience that leaves our customers coming back for more. Below are 5 reasons why we feel King of Kings is the best in northeast Pennsylvania.

5. Not one but two great locations. Our first location is conveniently located on Route 309 (the old Abe’s Hot Dog) and has enough seating for forty people. Our second location is smack dab in the middle of downtown Wilkes-Barre on Public Square.

4. King of Kings Gyros on Public Square the only place where you can conveniently text an order ahead for faster service.

3. Love Pierogies? Stop by  King of Kings Gyros for the best & biggest homemade pierogies in the valley. They are available at both locations.

2. King of Kings Gyros on Public Square is open late. That’s right we are open until¬† 3:00 am on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

1. Voted # 1 Gyro in valley. Duh winning!

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  1. The power obtained after eating one of these gyros can cause people to hit 5 home runs in one game. True statement… Imagine eating 2 or more!

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