Locally operated by the twins. We have been making gyros since 2010. We strive to make the best gyros in town while providing top notch service. Good as any better than most.

We’ve Got Gyro Swag… Do You?

It’s something we all have at King of Kings Gyros. What is gyro swag? Gyro swag is moving forward without signs of fear, self doubt, or cowardice. Not looking to others for approval, and getting what you want. Need a few examples? Walking in the rain for a gyro. Driving from Hazleton to get gyro. Calling off work for National Gyro Day. These are great examples of Gyro swag. We might have the best gyro in town, but more importantly we have the best customers in the valley. Its our great privilege to serve you. We have been working hard over the years to master the gyro. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us so far. It is greatly appreciated. Eat more Gyros at King of Kings Gyros. Let’s go eat!

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